Clemson Distribution, Inc.

Southern California (Head) Office / Warehouse
City of Industry, CA

Northern California Office / Warehouse
Livermore, CA

Providing quality products and unrivaled service since 1994
about us Clemson location
Southern California (Head) Office / Warehouse
City of Industry, CA
about us Clemson location
Northern California Office / Warehouse
Livermore, CA

About Us

Clemson Distribution, Inc. is a wholesale distributor of dairy products including Ice Cream, Butter, Cheese, Milk Powder, Ultra-pasteurized Milk Products, Sour Cream, Cultured Dairy Products, and other Food Commodities.

Our Mission

Let us help you, our customers, build your business through quality products, unrivaled service, and competitive and fair prices. We value maintaining long-lasting business relationships with our customers and vendors in which all parties may thrive and prosper.

our mission
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Our Products

We serve all kinds of dairy products that include premium ice cream, great-tasting cheese, creamy butter, and pure rich milk.

We take pride in serving our many satisfied customers all throughout California, Nevada and the Pacific Islands.

Our Brands

broguiere's brand
darigold brand
broguiere's brand
clover sonoma brand
savencia brand
mccolls brand
wonder ice cream company brand
crystal brand
pacific cheese brand
thrifty brand
brothers brand
bunge brand
schreiber brand
schreiber brand
Florentino Ice Cream


We have had the great privilege to be a multi-platform supplier to Clemson Distribution for many years. Sonny Santos and his Team have been exemplary partners in the conduct and success of their business. Clemson Distribution reflects the very highest standards of business ethics along with superior sales and marketing acumen. It has been a blessing for AccuFood Foodservice to be engaged with Sonny and the entire Team at Clemson. We wish the Clemson Team many more years of continued success.
James Flavin

Accufood FS

85C Bakery Café has been doing business with Clemon since 2008. Clemon has been very supportive and feels like a family. Best supplier ever!!!!
Lea Lee

85 Degree Bakery Café

The team at Clemson Distributors demonstrates an unwavering commitment to excellence, making them an invaluable asset to any food producer looking to expand their reach in the market. They are professional, taking the time to understand our cheese products and unique requirements, ensuring that each product and delivery is handled properly. They are reliable, ensuring our cheese reaches its destination on time and in optimal condition, and they are attentive, proactively communicating important updates to us. We wholeheartedly recommend Clemson Distributors to anyone seeking top-notch distribution services.
Larry Skagen

Pacific Cheese

Congratulations Clemson Distribution on celebrating your 30-year anniversary. Over the last 5 years of our partnership your outstanding customer service, flexibility, and tactical approach to the Southern California market has solidified you as an industry leader for all distribution, logistics and warehousing needs. Your ability to be both strategic and reactionary is truly valuable, and I thank you for helping my company continue to grow and flourish in this ever-changing industry.
Brad Martin

Perimeter Sales & Merchandising

For over two decades, my experience with Clemson has been extremely positive. Their professionalism, responsiveness, and unwavering commitment to our business have made them invaluable partners from project initiation to execution. Clemson’s dedication to finding solutions to obstacles is an indication of their willingness to go above and beyond.
Craig Vevoda

Clover Sonoma

Clemson Distribution has become an esteemed and valued partner in the last few years. We appreciate their ability to offer the support of a large company and provide a personalized level of service for a small business. We also value the unique product selection and the speed in which they can bring items to market. Above all, their staff is very responsive and efficient, and they get things done.
Roger Arechiga

Bristol Farms

Safe Practice and Certification

gdp - good distribution practice
haccp - hazard analysis